Groups on Track | Privacy Policy
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Groups On Track Ltd – Privacy Policy

Groups On Track Ltd follow rules to protect and secure your personal data, set by the current UK laws and General Data Protection Regulation.

What data we hold
The only data we hold is data that is relevant to you in order for us to provide the products and service you request from us.

The data we hold of yours is: Name, address, phone number, email address, organisation name.

Why do we collect your data?
The reason we collect your data is to provide you with services and products you request from us. It is also held to provide you with information that we think you would like to receive from Groups On Track and our Suppliers.

Sharing your personal data with third parties
We only share your personal data with our trusted suppliers. This will be in order to deliver the products and services you have requested from us. Each supplier is responsible for its own handling of your personal data after it has received it from us, meaning that you must contact the supplier in question for any requests related to your rights under applicable data protection legislation. We recommend that you read our suppliers’ respective privacy policies for information on their handling of your personal data.

Current Suppliers:
The Jockey Club Racecourses
Discover Newmarket
The Oval

Where we store your data
We store your data on a secure system that is password protected.

Removing your data
You can opt out and we will remove your data at any time. Please contact the team on 01483 825756 and ask to be removed from the system. Once you opt out, you will no longer receive any contact from us.

If you have any questions please contact us on 01483 825756 or