Groups on Track | PROJECT WORK
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We will work to your specific events or dates where you are looking to grow group sales or create interest in a new attraction.

We can offer the following:

  • Work on a specific group sales project
  • Promote and increase sales for a new event or attraction
  • Promote and increase sales for an existing event or attraction where there is a need for more group sales
  • Consultancy work to create a business development plan for your project
  • Business development work to include pro active calling, contacting lapsed data and contacting key group clients
  • A professional Group Sales Executive to focus on your project
  • Work to a timescale and sales target for your project

Our Project Work is flexible and we will work to a timescale and duration to suit your needs and budgets. We offer a relaxed approach with no set rules so we would love to talk to you to find out your plans and how we can work together to increase your group sales.

To join our portfolio contact 01483 825756 or email